Central America and Caribbean Managers Meeting

Is very important for American Assist International the strengthening of commercial relations and the interaction with our clients and business partners. That’s why our Global Solutions Center hosted the Central American and Caribbean Managers Meeting from April 4th to 8th in Pereira, Colombia. This meeting counted on the participation of Promass, our allied and commercial partner, and Unicomer, one of our clients, that attended as our guests of honor.

The attendees were:


From Promass

  • Sergio Weinberg -  Unicomer Project Manager
  • David Ruiz – Finance Director
  • Hugo Mondragón - Accountant


From Unicomer

  • Wilfredo Rosales – Regional Coordinator
  • Holder Barrantes – Credit and Loan Sub Manager
  • Kattia Chavarría – Additional Warranties


From American Assist

  • Luis Narro Robles -  President AAI
  • Javier Ávila Alcalá – Partner Director AAI
  • Cristhian Almaraz Hernández – Corporate Comptroller AAI
  • María Caravia – General Manager Concentra
  • José Aguilar – General Manager Guatemala
  • Juan Andrés Rossiter – Commercial Manager Guatemala
  • Emelina Rodríguez – Commercial Manager Nicaragua
  • Alfredo García - General Manager Dominican Republic
  • Edda Gómez – Commercial Manager Trinidad & Tobago
  • Roberto Breve - General Manager Honduras
  • Rigoberto Mejía - General Manager El Salvador
  • José Arguedas -  General Manager Costa Rica 
    Daniela Castro – Regional Coordinator

We thank all of you for your visit and we remind you that we are here to support you in every moment. You will always be welcome to our offices.